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Mike’s Perspective –
Based on many years as a teacher in the construction industry, I believe most of our traditional personal and interpersonal skill-development programs are not very effective. I think the root cause of this is that our typical methods do not adequately encourage and support the proper application, practice and mastery of these skills.

Education is a process of learning the “what and where”, and training is a process of understanding the “why and how”. I think achieving any real and lasting benefit from our typical programs is much like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose – we get all wet, but we are still very thirsty when it’s all over.

Goethe said, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.” Covey said, “Knowing without doing is not really knowing.

I believe the general absence of the means and support for applying and practicing the “knowing” gained in our education and training programs renders them ineffective. My experience tells me only a few very strong-willed and self-disciplined people ever really benefit long-term from traditional “training” programs. The vast majority of people who participate show little significant developmental progress one month later and beyond.

This is why I am so passionate about my Career Development Process.

My goal with my CDP is to provide people at all levels in the construction industry with a professional, supportive structure, using teaching, coaching and mentoring to help them learn, understand, apply and practice the important personal and interpersonal skills necessary to become more effective and productive in tomorrow’s construction industry.

I guide and help each person to identify and understand their own natural work style and “personal perspective”; develop a proactive work style; develop personal leadership and management skills; and develop interpersonal leadership, communication and cooperation skills. All of these skills are essential for becoming highly effective and successful, both personally and professionally. All of these skills are difficult to learn, understand, apply and practice without a competent and caring person who provides them with the right experience, help and support.

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